Sagging Jawline Treatment

Sagging jawline or pre-jowls appear when we begin to age and lose collagen, fat and muscle along the jawline. There are several ways we can improve this area at CanopyMD.

One method to tighten the laxities in the jawline is by treating with our Exilis skin tightening system. Exilis works to recoil collagen and tighten the skin by using extreme heat with a hand-piece similar to an ultrasound wand.

Hydration is very important for this treatment to help you withstand the heat and maintain treatment results. Exilis appointments take approximately an hour and are performed by our trained technicians. Another method to improve a sagging jawline would be injections such as Radiesse, Juvederm, or Sculptra.

All injectable treatments may cause bruising which can last 1-2 weeks. Radiesse and Juvederm offer instantaneous results while Sculptra offers a more gradual change over a course of 6 months. To learn more about these options for a sagging jawline please schedule a cosmetic consultation at CanopyMD.

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